Crime Book Reviews Index

A complete archive of all the mystery, crime, and thrillers, plus adventure books and westerns, I’ve reviewed since early 2009, between both of my blogs, with links to each respective review. Organized by author and then by year. Apologies for the earlier reviews, where I had the asinine idea to cram three 3-paragraph reviews into each post. Some of the older reviews on Logic are getting updated and re-posted here.

To date, I have reviewed [129] mysteries and thrillers, [3] westerns, and [1] miscellanea.


Bishop, Farnham & Brodeur, Arthur Gilchrist


Includes mystery, crime, detective, sleaze, thriller, and spy fiction, along with their various subgenres, and other similar works.

Anthologies/Various Authors

Atwood, Russell

Avallone, Michael

Beaumont, Charles

Bell, Madison Smartt

Blauner, Peter

Bloch, Robert

Block, Lawrence

Brackett, Leigh

Brewer, Gil

Bude, John

Cain, James M.

Cain, Paul

Chaze, Elliott

Colby, Robert

Collins, Max Allan

Coxe, George Harmon

Crofts, Freeman Wills

Deaver, Jeffery

Dodge, David

du Maurier, Daphne

Farjeon, J. Jefferson

Farris, John

Fisher, Steve

Goodis, David

Haggard, William

Halliday, Brett (alias)

Hamill, Pete

Hamilton, Donald

Hammett, Dashiell

Highsmith, Patricia

Hill, Russell

Himes, Chester

Hughes, Dorothy B.

Hunt, E. Howard

Kakonis, Tom

Kingston, Charles

Klavan, Andrew

Koenig, Joseph

Lange, John (alias of Michael Crichton)

Lansdale, Joe R.

Marlowe, Dan J.

Masterson, Whit (alias of Robert Wade & William Miller)

Masur, Harold Q.

Matheson, Richard

McBain, Ed (alias of Evan Hunter)

Miller, Wade (alias of Robert Wade & William Miller)

Mykel, A.W.

Nielsen, Helen

Ozaki, Milton K.

Packer, Vin (alias of Marijane Meaker)

Parker, Robert Bogardus

Philips, Max

Piper, Evelyn

Powell, Richard

Prather, Richard S.

Rae, Hugh C.

Rabe, Peter

Race, Philip

Rifkin, Shepard

Rogers, Joel Townsley

Sanderson, Jim

Schow, David

Smith, Mark

Spillane, Mickey

Starr, Jason

Stewart, Ramona

Terrall, Robert

Thompson, Jim

Tinsley, Theodore

Westlake, Donald

Weston, Caroyln

Whittington, Harry

Williams, Charles

Woolrich, Cornell

Zelazny, Roger


The American old west and rugged frontier.

DeRosso, H.A.

Jessup, Richard

Leonard, Elmore

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