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Graphic Novels

Comics by any other name.

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Digest Magazines

Magazine fiction, flourishing from the ’50s to the early ’80s.

Amazing Stories

  • April, 1965 – Edmond Hamilton’s “The Shores of Infinity,” Sam Moskowitz’s fact article “Science-Fiction Views of God,” stories by John Jakes, John Brunner, Arthur Porges, and Robert Rohrer.


  • July, 1967 – Jack Vance’s novelette “The Narrow Land,” plus assorted short fiction by Robert Bloch, Fritz Leiber, Rog Phillips, William Tenn, Kris Neville, and Bob Olsen.

Galaxy Science Fiction

  • November, 1956 – Frederik Pohl’s “The Man Who Ate the World,” serial installment of Alfred Bester’s “The Stars My Destination,” stories by Robert Silverberg, E.C. Tubb, and Lester del Rey.
  • December, 1967 – Poul Anderson’s “Outpost of Empire,” Robert Silverberg’s “King of the Golden World,” Larry Niven’s “Handicap,” plus Fritz Leiber, John Brunner, Harry Harrison, Richard Wilson, and Philip Latham.

If: Worlds of Science Fiction/Worlds of If

  • June, 1957 – “The Face Of Mars” science article by R.S. Richardson, fiction by Isaac Asimov, Charles Fontenay, Lloyd Biggle, Daniel Galouye, Walter Tevis, Leo Kelley, and Aldo Giunta.
  • March, 1960 – “Gleaners” by Clifford Simak, “The Upside-Down Captain” by Jim Harmon, “Gravy Train” by Daniel F. Galouye, plus Ron Goulart, Ray Russell, and Raymond E. Banks.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

  • August, 1954 – Alfred Bester’s “Fondly Fahrenheit;” Zenna Henderson’s “Gilead;” Charles Beaumont’s “Quadriopoticon;” Manly Wade Wellman’s “Little Black Train;” stories by Arthur Porges, Richard Brookbank, Kay Rogers, and Doris P. Buck.
  • March, 1956 – Poul Anderson’s “Superstition,” Ray Bradbury, Chad Oliver, J.B. Priestly, Evelyn E. Smith, Helen M. Urban, P.M. Hubbard, John Vandercook, and Saki.
  • January, 1957 – Zenna Henderson’s “Wilderness,” along with Arthur C. Clarke, Poul Anderson, John Dickson Carr, Mildred Clingerman, Gordon R. Dickson, and Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.
  • June, 1963 – Poul Anderson’s “No Truce With Kings,” Jack Vance’s “Green Magic,” stories by Richard Matheson, Sinichi Hoshi, Jaunita Coulson & Marion Zimmer Bradley, Con Pederson, and Vance Aandahl.
  • July, 1973 – Michael Bishop’s “White Otters of Childhood,” Robert F. Young, Michael G. Coney, Edward Wellen, Charles L. Grant, Barbara Stearns, and Gregg Williams.

PULP Fiction

Pulp Heroes, revisited—supermen from a bygone age.

THE SPIDER, Master of Men

The Spider vs. The Empire State:

  • #60 – The City that Paid to Die – September, 1938 – Norvell Page
  • #61 – The Spider At Bay – October, 1938 – Norvell Page
  • #62 – Scourge of the Black Legion – November, 1938 – Norvell Page

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