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If you’re a fan of science fiction, go download issues 3 and 4 of the fanzine Big Sky. It’s a special two-part project for this year’s LonCon, collecting reviews of all the SF Masterworks in one… well, two places. Included within are reviews from all corners of the internet, 431 pages of excellent reviews about excellent books. It’s an impressive project, and it looks great to boot.

Editor/publisher Peter Young writes:

Plenty of words have been written about all the titles on the SF Masterworks list. In compiling this fanzine, I probably read thousands of reviews, in magazines, fanzines, websites and blogs. Quickly, a form of mental shorthand was set in place for the kind of reviews I wanted to showcase here. I knew instinctively what I particularly didn’t want: the kind of nonanalytical review that fills almost every corner of Goodreads; similarly, at the other extreme, when a reviewer takes pains to come across as exceedingly academic, I just kinda… zoned out.

What I was looking for can be summed up as well-written ‘opinion / context / commentary’ as opposed to something resembling a ‘formal review’ template, and something akin to a ‘four star’ rating rather than a gushing ‘five’. And of course, the more original, the better.

I’m proud that Pete asked me to submit content, considering my goal is pretty much what he’s describing here. I’m also in good company; the reviews come from several dozen bloggers/reviewers, many of whom I follow: Ian Sales, From Couch To Moon, Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations, Potpourri of Science Fiction LiteratureSpiculation, Val’s Random Comments… and a whole bunch of blogs and sites I may soon follow.