So, you might have noticed that I’m posting a lot less. There’s a reason for that. From January until early September, I managed to hit a stride of one review every 4 days (give or take), based on my outlandish ability to blaze through a different book every 2-3 days (or less, when I was really on a roll). Back at the end of June, I picked up a new job, and “one book every 2-3 nights” turned into “one book every 2-3 weeks.” I went from having ~15 books lined up in my scheduled posts queue at all times, to all but clearing out my cache of saved drafts. I started the year well on my way to beat my number of books read in 2011; that came to a crashing halt and I’ve read a dozen titles since I started this job (if you include graphic novels and comic trade paperbacks).

So, I’m not dead, I’m not stopping, but I am pulling around ten hours of overtime every week and reading maybe two days out of ten. (It’s a lot easier to clock out and go “I’m going to watch an episode or two of The X-Files on Netflix or play an hour of Borderlands 2 tonight before I crash into bed” than it is to get around to, y’know, reading and writing.) The plans for Steampunk September and horror-themed Eerie October just didn’t make the cut. Neither did the one-year anniversary thing I totally had plans for.

Instead, I’m moving back to my original plan, of posting reviews catch as catch can, like I posted back when I started this blog—a plan which originates from a job I didn’t actually pick up, rewarding me with months of time to delve into all those billions of books I picked up in college but never got around to reading.

I do have a bunch of reviews in the works, which should be done by the end of the month, given time, motivation, and time: the Strugatsky Brothers’ masterpiece Roadside Picnic (I picked up the new translation with my ill-gotten lucre), Cherie Priest’s Dreadnought (a Steampunk September leftover), and Manly Wade Wellman’s Who Fears the Devil? (a bit repetitive/predictable after a while, but oozing with rich atmosphere and setting). I also had the idea to switch to things I could read and review easier, namely short stories, pulps, and comic books, but while that plan was quickly and quietly abandoned the reviews live on.