So, recently I’ve started merging all my old reviews on here to solidify things; anything posted before July 2011 is probably a repost. I wanted to do updates and addendum, but don’t have the time to do full posts, and settled on a simple afterword to try and fill things out. Actually, kind of like what Mr. Hardboiled was/is doing.

Also, trying to polish them up, and tag the ever-loving hell out of them, something I should have been doing years ago but was too lazy to do. (Those years of using Blogger and its crappy Labels function made me lazy and sloven, and lo, did I spurn Tags for Categories.) They’re still pretty basic and raw, back when I was first testing the waters.

I keep stumbling on old review blogs that have apparently shuttered, or at least haven’t updated in a while, which is a shame. The aforementioned Mr. Hardboiled, which I found after I’d read Fisher’s No House Limit; the reviews are short but the books sound interesting. Pulp-A-Week has around forty reviews, mostly on SF&F novels, some of which are interesting and some of which are trash. Also been poking through Omphalos’ SF Book Reviews, which hasn’t updated since last August; his views are a bit different from mine, but the reviews are lengthy and well thought-out.

Lastly… I find it fascinating that after changing the header images to be all seasonal, I end up with the least-snowiest winter of my life. The original cool images will be going back up when I have time for it.