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Vintage Crime/Black Lizard is getting a new design for its upcoming Pocket Black Lizard series: mid-size trade paperbacks with edge staining. Edge staining is probably the most retro thing you can do to paperback design, other than the double/tête-bêch/flip-book. And black edging very much fits with the Vintage/Black Lizard look, being all dark and noir-like. Most of the old books with edge staining I own are really gaudy yellows or blues, and black is just classier. It actually makes the books look cool, instead of being a simple way to cover up the fact that the books’ paper is oxidizing/spotty.

The first books to feature this new redesign and edging sound pretty awesome as well. (Layover in Dubai is such a dull title, but it’s the one that interests me the most.) Note that two of them feature terrorism, and another is set in the Middle East; glad things are staying topical. I look forward to seeing the new books and the new line; it’s a reminder that I haven’t read enough mysteries/crime novels lately.