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Reprint pulp fiction is becoming mainstream, now. Or at least is getting a lot more media attention than it used to. Back in May, NPR covered three pulp fiction books for its Three Books… column.  In June, Life decided to do a cover gallery roll-call for Hard Case Crime, which is a worthy topic, considering.

Hard Case is, after all, gearing up for its September re-launch with Titan Books, after their last publisher switched to e-books and PoD only. It’s been a long time since the last HCC book hit the streets—a good opportunity to read through the back-catalog—and the re-launch is getting some worthy hype from all the pulp readers and venues. So far, we have HCC’s first hardback, another “lost Spillane” helped to completion by Max Allan Collins, another of Collins’ Quarry novels, another by award-winner Christa Faust, and a lost novel by Donald Westlake. Hard Case is coming back firing on all cylinders from the look of things, telling me the wait will be worth it.

Their newest announcement, for 2012, is a Robert Silverberg title (Blood on the Mink), originally published in Trapped Detective Story Magazine before it was lost for some time. Silverberg is more commonly known for his science fiction, as he picked up five Hugos and five Nebulas from his writing career. (If you’re not hip on your SF awards, just nod and smile.) He’s seeing a lot of action via Planet Stories, who are reprinting his early SF magazine work in three collections (see my review of Hunt the Space Witch!). I’m keen to see how he handled mystery writing, though I hope I don’t OD on the abundance of Silverberg.