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The grandmaster of spy fiction John Le Carre is getting amazing new covers by Matt Taylor for his books, and distribution started at the end of June. I saw these crop up in the local Borders a few weeks ago, and they’re pretty spectacular. Taylor’s use of color is brilliant, and accentuates the use of retro-style silhouettes.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy isn’t the first in the reprint series, but it is one of the slickest. What you’re not seeing on this one is that the name, title, and glasses are in this reflective silver ink, which makes the book literally pop. When they’re sitting on the “buy one, get one half off” table, they really catch your eye. (Sadly they’ve only got Our Kind of Traitor on the deal table, but I’m hoping they’ll put more on there as they come out, like they did with Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy.)

These are all standard trades, and go for $16 a pop. (Hence why I’m eyeing the bogo1/2o table. And I should note that I’ve seen some of them for $10 at Sam’s Club.) It’s also worth noting that these aren’t slick covers, but are a lot more paper-y… you’ll know what I mean when you feel them.

The only Le Carre I’ve read thus far has been The Tailor of Panama, which I ended up really liking, especially compared to the ho-hum movie. Enough so that between Le Carre’s writing and the new covers, these are all but sold. A good thing that I hadn’t bought these yet.